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Improv Level 2 - Character & Relationship — Workshop Level

Curriculum Description

Now that you've been introduced to improv and have actually performed in front of a live audience, it's time for a new challenge!

Our Level 2 course focuses on two very important aspects of long form improvisation: character relationship

Character is all about what we can bring to the scene. The most interesting characters might have an affected voice, physicalities, turns of phrase, points of view, emotions, etc. We aim to play deep, rich characters within our scene work. 

Relationship is all about how your character gets on with that of your scene partner. What's the shared history between these two people? Their empathetic connection? The subtext that lies just beneath the surface of the words which are being said?

In addition to the titular focus of the level are the following:

Playing Truthful: Even when we are playing characters that are not ourselves, we need to commit to the truth of that character and the relationship they are in. This requires a willingness to be vulnerable and respond honestly and truthfully through character and relationship filters.

Status: Different relationships have inherent statuses built in. This level explores what that means for how we play. 

Base Reality: Establishing a clear base reality at the beginning of each scene, is an essential foundation to build our comedy on top of. A good base reality requires patience and the ability to hold back on oddities and ‘unusual’ things until a firm platform has been co-discovered with your scene partner via ‘yes, and…’

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