Curriculum Description

Congratulations, your scenework is in fine form after three levels of practice! Now it's time to learn about the Harold, the standard improv format of the Improv Conspiracy.

You'll learn how to perform and draw information from openings, which are the tools that allow us to expand a single suggestion into 30 minutes of material.

Once we have first beats down, we'll work on ways to bring themes, games and characters (but not story/plot) back in our second and third beats.

We'll briefly introduce group games, and get you ready to perform your first Harold in front of an audience!

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  • "These improv classes have been amazing. They have brought me back to life as an actor and have made me remember how much fun performing should be. It's challenged me every class, but with such a supportive and encouraging environment I have never felt embarrassed to stuff up, and have had huge laughs while doing it. I would definitely recommend anyone to give improv a go with the Improv Conspiracy! You will laugh your ass off." - Grace Presse