Over 1000 students have trained with The Improv Conspiracy since our first public Level 1 workshop in August 2012. Here's what a few of them had to say:

  • The Improv Conspiracy workshops have been such a delightful challenge. Every week I'm reminded to forget everything that's going on in my life and sink my teeth into a new character I'm making up on the spot. I entered the workshops hoping it would help with my performance attributes as a musician but have finished the workshop passionate about improv itself and keen to learn everything I can about the HAROLD. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to test their wit and whimsies.
    Broni Lislé
  • These improv classes have been amazing. They have brought me back to life as an actor and have made me remember how much fun performing should be. It's challenged me every class, but with such a supportive and encouraging environment I have never felt embarrassed to stuff up, and have had huge laughs while doing it. I would definitely recommend anyone to give improv a go with the Improv Conspiracy! You will laugh your ass off.
    Grace Presse
  • I came into the workshops only knowing 'Yes and', and came out eight weeks later with a toolbox full of useful techniques. The workshop is worthwhile for anyone who has a quick wit who wants it to be quicker.
    Alex Switzky
  • A great way to meet like-minded individuals, and discover things about yourself you never knew existed!
    Lucas Linehan
  • A brilliant group to be a part of. Once I opened the door to improv I couldn't go back... you create work that shows people really caring for one another in a scene. Finally I've found a comedy scene that works on the basis that only the truth is funny... not some gag you've spent 6 weeks writing.
    Floyd Alexander-Hunt
  • What I've really learned from improv training is that's not about being funny, it's about gaining personal confidence; learning techniques to spark your overall creativity; teaches you how to listen, how to think fast but also logically and how to successfully contribute in group settings. All skills easily important and essential for most of things life throws at us. The added bonus of taking classes with the Improv Conspiracy is that you'll learn all these lessons from talented teachers in a supportive and nurturing environment.
    David Evans
  • The Level 1 workshop is a wonderful introduction to improvisation. I had a great time learning the basic tools of how to create a good scene, the importance of teamwork, and to always follow the fun. I'm looking forward to doing more with The Improv Conspiracy!
    Hayley Tantau
  • Enrolling in The Improv Conspiracy workshops was the one of the best decisions I've ever made. I fell privileged to have worked with such talented instructors and such a great group of people. As someone with no experience in improv or performance, I was hesitant to enrol but it's been an altogether awesome experience that's left me feeling a lot more confident in myself. I'd recommend The Improv Conspiracy workshops to anyone.
    Rachael Carey
  • I learnt a lot from both the level one and two classes. Obviously my improv skills have improved but the skills that we've learnt I've been able to apply to the other avenues of performing that I do which has been a real benefit for me personally.
    Spencer Hadlow
  • Improv Conspiracy teaches the kind of improvisation we need more of in Australia, with a free-wheeling playful style that is both more open to theatricality and more accessible to beginners than many of the familiar rule-bound forms of improv you might come across. Training with Improv Conspiracy has helped me build my confidence and skill as a performer, while also injecting a healthy dose of fun into my life. They're all friendly, funny, talented, attractive people and you should totally go do their classes.
    Nick Spunde
  • Doing Level 1 improv was everything I hoped it would be and more. As I had hoped, I learned more about myself and I learned more about communicating with others- but I also had so much fun while doing it. And met some incredible people along the way.
    Stefan Sgarioto
  • Prepare yourself for a life changing experience.
    Yohanand Kumaran