Defrost Festival Launch Sale – 30% Off Tickets
Our favourite mid-winter comedy festival is back this August, and it's bigger than ever! Check out our performance lineup and snag 30% off tickets with code LAUNCH – offer ends Saturday at Noon, or whenever each show's promo allocation is exhausted.

Performer Bio

Roxanne Halley

Roxanne Halley

Roxanne Halley cannot:

- Play the piano

- Fly a helicopter

- Perform life-saving surgery

- Feel

- Be a cat

But in improv, she can. This is why she likes it so much.  

Having come from humble beginnings as the daughter of a bounty hunter, Roxanne now works as a writer and director in the film industry. She started improvising in 2016, and has since found that her passions for cinema and performance compliment each other beautifully... Except for that time they had a punch-up in a karaoke bar.

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