Defrost Festival
2024 Festival Now On Sale
Shows, workshops & social events
July 31st – August 10th
Replay Festival comes to The Improv Conspiracy

Melbourne's home of improv and sketch comedy

Live comedy shows four nights per week, plus top-notch public workshops and corporate training for all experience levels.

Australia's best Chicago-style comedy workshops

Whether you're an aspiring actor/comedian, or just someone looking for a fun creative outlet, a class at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre is a great choice.

Looking to get the whole office involved for a fun team-building and communications skills session? We offer those too!

Rhian took an Improv Starter 101 class
Free trial session available
Classes for all experience levels
Over 5000 students since 2012
Includes free tickets to our theatre
Improv Comedy Workshops

Improv is for everyone, especially you

No script? No problem! Our improv comedy program is designed to help you unlock your inner creative genius.
Lukas took a Sketch Comedy class
Free info / Q&A session available
Fresh new 2024 curriculum
Fun weekly assignments and table reads
Includes free tickets to our theatre
Sketch Comedy Writing Workshops

Take your ideas from the page to the stage

Write, rewrite, rehearse, perform! Our sketch comedy writing program is designed to give you the tools and theory required to start creating hilarious sketches for the stage and screen.
Michael's team came in for an exciting session
One-off or recurring sessions
Come to us or we'll come to you
Option to pair with a drinks package at Theory Bar
Corporate Training & Team-Building

Our corporate training sessions are seriously fun

What workplace wouldn't be improved by giving the team better listening, communication and problem-solving skills?

Our community watering hole

Enjoy some good times downstairs at Theory Bar

Fancy a beverage after your next show or class session? Our ground floor bar is open Wednesday–Sunday.

Community members and ticket-holders get 10% off*

(* Sundays and Public Holidays excepted)

Theory Bar