Improv For Business

We get it — at first glance a bunch of improv comedians might not seem like the most likely group to turn to for help with your business. After all, our job is to go up on stage without a script and make people laugh, while your job is likely something far more safe and sane.

That said, we'll let you in on a trade secret: the best improvisation is just a simple combination of excellent communication skills, creative problem solving and playful teamwork. These are the very same skills that you likely value in the workplace, except that you tend to employ them in the conference room or at a client dinner instead of in front of a sold-out crowd who have been promised entertainment.

The skills required to improvise might sound scary or impossible to pick up, but they are actually quite simple to learn and apply to every area of your life, including the workplace! While the pursuit of the "perfect" group dynamic might last a lifetime, you and your team can make serious progress in as little as a few hours, and have an extremely fun time in the process.

We'd love to help you and your team unlock your full potential as collaborative geniuses. Whether you're after a few hours of fun as a team bonding activity, or lengthier formal skills training, The Improv Conspiracy has you covered.

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Adults need play too

As children we always managed to find time to get lost in playfulness, adventure and fun. However, as we age most of us lose the ability to turn off the part of our brain that nags us about our responsibilities and obligations, or the one that requires us to "look cool" at all times. We put up barriers that prevent us from truly listening to each other, while we pick up ways of communicating that prevent us from truly being heard.

Luckily, improv is being used all over the world as a way to remind adults how to get down in the dirt and play again. By teaching valuable lessons through play, improvisation is a highly effective and enjoyable way to help people build confidence, work on their speaking and listening skills, and learn to generate inspired creative ideas out of thin air.

The core message behind improv is that we don't need a script as long as we're respectful and receptive of each others' ideas and contributions in the moment. Positivity and encouragement lead us to finding solutions faster than bickering and championing our own ideas. The best solutions are free to flourish when we're able to be spontaneous without fear of judgement.

The work that we do has so many amazing applications, it might just change your life forever!

Why Improv?

In addition to being heaps of good-natured fun, improvisation has many practical applications in the modern workplace.

  • Team Building
  • Organisational Creativity / Brainstorming
  • Group Communications
  • Active Listening
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathetic Attunement

Don't just take our word for it, a number of top media sources agree that improv is the bee's knees for business:

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo explains how to manage your company like an improv group:

Improviser Dave Morris discusses "The Way of Improvisation" at TEDxVictoria:

Mick Napier of the Annoyance Theatre discusses the power of "yes":

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