Conspiracy Up Late — Show Details

  Fridays & Saturdays @ 11:59pm, MICF 2017
  $10 Tickets

Stay out late tonight! Each session of Conspiracy Up Late features a different group from The Improv Conspiracy community taking over the theatre and programming the variety show of their wildest dreams. That's eight different hours of weird and wonderful improv and sketch comedy that'll make you glad you stayed up past your bedtime.

Friday 14 April
A Nightmare on Meyers Place

From the twisted mind of Mario Hannah, this show blends comedy and horror tropes for a truly spooky experience.

Saturday 15 April
The Late Night Tonight Show

Producer Beau Windon brings you a classic late night show in the vein of Conan, Fallon and Colbert but with that classic Windon charm.

Friday 21 April
Improvised "The Simpsons"

From the producer/director/team behind best-selling TIC monthly show Genre of the Month Club, Improvised The Simpsons! Is your usual, high-quality genre show with a twist. Expect a high concept genre show tailored specifically for a midnight crowd. Part Homer and Bart, part Coed Prison Sluts, part The Real Life Brady Bunch, all hilarious.

Saturday 22 April
Dairy Kweenz in "Plz Be Serious"

A round table talk show featuring the over-opinionated, unqualified viewpoints of the Kweenz. With the help of special guests, we'll tackle everything from border security to Border Security (the TV show). If we shouldn't have an opinion on it, you can bet that we will. DISCLAIMER: This is not 'The View'. Except that it is.

Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no scheduled sessions for this show at the moment!