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July 31st – August 10th
Rhian took an Improv Starter 101 class
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Over 5000 students since 2012
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Improv Comedy Workshops

Improv is for everyone, especially you

No script? No problem! Our improv comedy program is designed to help you unlock your inner creative genius.
Improv classes and end-of-term showcases at our theatre

Say "yes, and" to an improv class

Our improv comedy curriculum

Over the years we've developed a comprehensive curriculum that offers fun and challenge for everyone. Our various tracks group classes by experience level and desired learning outcomes.

If you're brand new to improv, or you're new to our theatre in particular, we recommend starting with our Free Trial Class or our Improv Starter Track.

Once you've been involved for six months or so, it's time to specialise!

Upon completion of the starter track you are guaranteed access to our Hobby Track, and will gain access to our Performance Track if your instructor recommends it.

Finally, our Advanced Play courses are available to those who have passed the performance track and are ready for our biggest challenges.

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    Improv is for everyone, especially you

    Free Trial Class

    On the fence about this whole improv thing? Join us this weekend for a high-fun, low-pressure intro session. Already keen? Skip straight ahead to our Starter Track below!

    In this track:

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    Putting the "fun" in fundamentals

    Improv Starter Track

    Learn the fundamentals of long form improvised comedy in a warm and welcoming environment – there's no prior acting or comedy experience required to get started, so jump right in!

    In this track:

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    Hone your sense of play

    Improv Hobby & Community Track

    Further your personal development and participation in our community with exciting short courses designed with the fun-loving hobbyist in mind – no evaluations or high-pressure performance outcomes

    In this track:

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    Establish yourself as a comedic ensemble performer

    Improv Performance Track

    Classes for students interested in ensemble performance outcomes – building pathways to performing at our theatre and in local arts festivals

    In this track:

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    More formats, more fun

    Advanced Play

    In-depth elective courses for our most talented and passionate community members looking for an extra challenge

    In this track:

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    Festival Fun

    Defrost Festival Improv Workshops

    Special one-off workshops during the Defrost Festival – featuring local, interstate and intercity talent!

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Fancy a beverage after your next show or class session? Our ground floor bar is open Wednesday–Sunday.

Community members and ticket-holders get 10% off*

(* Sundays and Public Holidays excepted)

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