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Scholarship Opportunities

Our company's mission is to foster and showcase the best improv and comedy in Australia.

In the pursuit of our mission we refer to our core values to help us make decisions. Two of our core values are Diversity and Excellence, so we've decided to offer scholarship opportunites to applicants we believe will help us in these areas.

Diversity Scholarships

Each of our Level 1 - Introduction to Long Form Improvisation workshops has a space set aside for a diversity scholarship recipient.

The goals of our diversity program are to:

  • provide an opportunity to study with us for students who might not otherwise be able to
  • increase the diversity of our student body
  • encourage the exchange of culture and ideas, allowing for better comedy

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Comedic Performance Scholarships

The goal of our comedic performance program is to attract established comedic and performance arts talent into our improv community. We only award this scholarship when we find suitable candidates.

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