Tournament of Teams 2017 — Show Details

Tournament of teams2
  MICF 2017 - Fridays and Saturdays @ 10:45pm
  $10 Tickets

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival brings with it the 2nd Annual Tournament of Teams! This year it's Deadly Games as four of the universe’s most powerful beings have selected sixteen of Melbourne's best and bravest improv teams to do battle in a quest for power! It’s an epic clash of spontaneity, wit and heart with the fate of the sixteen in your hands as you vote for your favourites to continue on to the path of greatness. Only one team can rise to glory!*

*Glory contains a three-month residency at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre and significant endorphins.

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Weeks 1 & 2
Qualifying Heats

Commander Seventonic's Heat (31/3): 

  • Pingaz 4 Dinner
  • Hill n Dale (Winners)
  • Here We See 2 Boyz (Runner-up)
  • Don’t Look At Us


Princess Whistle Wishall's Heat (1/4):

  • Chilton-Chalmers (Winners)
  • Femmily (Runner-up)
  • Yolk Yolk Yolk
  • We'll Get There


Miss Drum's Heat (7/4):

  • Cruise Control
  • Infinite Dads (Runner-up)
  • Tears in my Wine
  • Dear Slim (Winner)


Hero Man's Heat (8/4):

  • Jizzcat (Runner-up)
  • McCulloch & Zorzut (Winner)
  • Hayley and Mario
  • A Trial of Errors

Week 3: Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals A (14/4):

  • Hill N Dale vs Jizzcat
  • Dear Slim vs Femmily


Quarterfinals B (15/4): 

  • Chilton Chalmers vs Here We See 2 Boyz
  • McCulloch & Zorzut vs Infinite Dads

Week 4
Semifinals & Finals

Semifinals (21/4):

  • Quarterfinal A winners go head-to-head
  • Quarterfinal B winners go head-to-head


Finals (22/4): Semifinal winners go head-to-head


Previous Winning Teams

2016: Small Car

Upcoming Sessions

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